Sunday, August 17, 2014


August 15th was always the date, and guess what? WE MADE IT! At 9am on Friday, August 15th, on our 144th day on trail, we completed 2,185.3 miles and summited Mt. Katahdin. We were joined by almost 2 dozen other northbound thru-hikers, many of them friends, but some we didn't know. Lots of champagne was popped, we enjoyed bagels n schmear, we witnessed a thru-hiker wedding proposal, and all in all we took in the perfect weather that the summit provided for us! 

Congrats to Coconut and Spice Kit (the happy engaged couple!), Mosey, SunBear, Windscreen, Brave, Jukebox, Soleil, JPEG, Monty & Alchemist, Tigger, Mambo #5, the Captain, Breakfast, Bones, Sparky, Ferris, and Iron Chef, along with a couple triumphant nameless folks who joined us for a clear day on top of the world!!!



With Mambo! We thought he was a week behind us, so we were excited to see him coming up that mountain.

With JPEG, for some Michigan pride!

Bones (aka Boat, Little Boat, Farts, Puke, Phones, Frogs, Bone, or Julie) and the Captain

They saved the date! 
Breakfast n Bones August 15th!

Bones, Sparky, and Iron Chef all started together in Amicalola on March 23rd, the day before us! Just goes to show some of the magic of the trail--community. 

First attempt. 

Better attempt. These guys made our trip, and it's been a pleasure to have come so far, to have said many goodbyes, to have lived and learned about each other, and to still end our adventure all together as the Likeable Crew. We sure liked Katahdin. 

Giggles and Chuckles, NOBO '14
We did it.


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome. What else is there to say!

  2. Congratulations! Thank you for taking us along on your amazing journey. I can imagine that, for the rest of your lives, you will be saying, "Oh, I can do that - after all I have hiked the AT!"

  3. Congratulations on pursuing your dreams! I read about your journey in LuxEsto Spring 2015 and it brought a smile to my face. I wish I had thought of hiking the AT as my SIP back in the day.
    K '86

  4. Hi Giggles and Chuckles, congratulations on completing the AT! I also read about your trip in Lux Esto. What a great idea. I thru-hiked in 2010, but wrote my SIP on a much less exciting topic. I am curious if you'd be willing to let me read your SIP? I can be reached at if you feel comfortable sharing.

    Happy Trails!
    Rob Connor K'07 (Donner AT'10)